Electronic Communication Platform

All and any communication as part of the Competition, i.e. submitting applications for admission to join the competition, submitting Studies and Competition Designs, submitting requests for clarification of the Competition Regulations, exchange of information or documents or statements between the Organizer and the competition Participant or any other parties interested in participating in the Competition, shall be made solely via the Electronic communication platform.

A competition participant intending to submit an application for participation in the competition, a Study and a Competition Design, shall be obligated to set up an account on the Electronic Communication Platform.

Setting up an account shall entail the need to accept the Platform’s terms and conditions and to read the instructions for use of the account on the Platform, available after the user logs in.




  1. Instructions for submitting all electronic documents and any other information (including questions to the Organizer) via the Electronic Communication Platform can be found in a video tutorial available below:

  1. Information about the technical and organizational requirements applicable to drawing up, sending and receiving files in electronic communication can be found HERE